Parveen The Spice Queen
Indian Cook & Event Presenter

Dedicated home-cook and cookery teacher

We are delighted to have her with us. She is the presenter of Parveen's Indian Kitchen.

Parveen is passionate about her cooking style, to cook her recipes, buy her cookbook, spice kit and specially designed SPICE HAMPERS.

Parveen believes that anyone can learn to cook her dishes, "all you need is the right spices and the right method, anyone can cook authentic Indian food."

With each recipe, she shares a personal anecdote that gives the reader a rare insight into the life of an Asian housewife, mother and businesswoman.

Parveen is married with three grown-up children. She has raised her children the way she was raised, with family meals being the focal point of family life.


As the presenter on ITV Parveen's Indian Kitchen, Parveen takes us on a culinary journey, helping you to discover the delights of Indian food. She believes there is more to Indian food than rice and curry !.

As the main presenter, she will be introducing the different acts during the event and performing her spicy dishes too.