A bank holiday weekend festival of food, drink and live entertainment in the grounds of Himley Hall. £5.00 per ticket, under 5s free of charge. Celebrity chefs attending including Parveen the Spice Queen, Jean-Christophe Novelli and more. Looking for things to do in Dudley? Join us for a celebration of the best food and drink the West Midlands has to offer!

  • Date: 27/08/2022 10:00 AM - 29/08/2022 06:00 PM
  • Location: Himley Hall, Himley, Dudley, UK (Map)

Price: £5

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Looking for things to do in Dudley? Join us for a celebration of the best food and drink the West Midlands has to offer!

We're open 11am - 6pm everyday with over a hundred stalls, wonderful food, bars, and a main stage with live entertainment. Celebrity chefs including Parveen the Spice Queen will also be providing live cooking demonstrations! 

With so many cuisines on offer and a dedicated vegetarian and vegan village as part of the festival there is something for everyone.

For a peek at Parveen's fabulous food, have a look at www.parveenthespicequeen.com.

Parking available on site.

The festival is proud to be sponsored by Enville Ales, award winning Ales brewed right here in the heart of the Midlands.


1 Definitions

In these Terms & Conditions the term “Exhibitor” means any person, firm, club or

company who has completed an Event Booking/Application Form and thus entered into

a contract with the “Organiser” (Majestic Event Catering).

2 Allocation of Stand Space

Every effort shall be made to allocate to the Exhibitor the stand space that has been

requested. However, to facilitate an effective layout of the Show and if the Organiser

believes it to be in the best interest of the Event, the Organiser has the right to make a

stand space reallocation at any time.

3 Payment

All payments must be made in accordance with the terms and methods set out on the

Application to Trade Form. In the event the Exhibitor fails to meet any such payment

obligations (whether as to the amounts or date of payment) then the Organiser reserves

the right to cancel its contract with the Exhibitor and to resell or reallocate the stand

space allocated to the Exhibitor and the provisions of Paragraph 4 below relating to

cancellation charges shall apply.

4 Cancellation of Stand Space

If the Exhibitor wishes at any time prior to the Show to cancel or reduce the stand space

allocated to him, then written notice of such wish, stating reasons for such cancellation

or reduction, must be given to the Organiser by Recorded Delivery Post or via Email. For

the avoidance of doubt the Organiser shall not be obliged to accept the Exhibitor’s

notice of cancellation reduction. The Organiser shall have the absolute discretion (but

without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the Organiser and without

being under any liability to refund or reduce any payments due under these Terms and

Conditions) to reallocate or resell the stand space allocated to the Exhibitor and to apply

the following cancellation charges: The 25% deposit is non-refundable at any time of

cancellation. Less than 3 months prior to the exhibition, 100% of the total stand cost is


5 Prohibition of Transfer

The Exhibitor may not assign, sub-let, share or grant licenses over or permit any other

party to occupy the whole or any part of the space allocated to the Exhibitor without

the written consent of the Organisers.

6 Duration of Show

Details of Show hours are given in the Exhibitor’s Letter. The Exhibitor must be ready

and able to conduct business during the Event hours. All Exhibitors must be clear of the

venue by the time stated in the Exhibitor Letter otherwise the Organisers reserve the

right to pass on any additional fees from the venue to the Exhibitor. All exhibitors must

book into Event Control before proceeding to their allocated space.

7 Undesirable Activities

If it appears to the Organiser that the Exhibitor may be engaged in activities which are

deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the Event or which appear unethical or to

be in breach of the law, the Organiser may, without being under any liability to refund

or abate any charges paid or due herein, cancel any stand space allocation which may

have been made to the Exhibitor and require him forthwith to vacate the stand space

allocated to him and refuse the Exhibitor the right to participate further in the Show.

Any abusive, threatening behaviour or language towards Majestic Event Catering staff

and organisers, and security staff will not be tolerated, and any Exhibitor doing so will

be asked to leave the event immediately. The distribution of any marketing materials

outside the confines of the Exhibitors stand space is forbidden.

8 Description of Goods

The completed application to trade form must contain an accurate description of goods

to be exhibited or sold. Under no circumstances will any Exhibitor be allowed to sell

merchandise featuring the show title without written permission from the Organiser.

Under no circumstances will auctioning, pitching, raffles, tombola or pick a ticket stands

be allowed without written permission from the Organiser. Knives, crossbows, catapults,

offensive weapons and firearms of any type including air guns and BB guns are strictly


9 Contractors and suppliers

Electricity. All electrical supplies requested by an exhibitor to be supplied by the

Showground Contractor will be “switched on” on the day of the event, or earlier only by

arrangement. A location plan for all sockets should be supplied to the Event Organisers

no later than 21 days prior to the event. Where no plan is provided, the contractors will

position the socket at their discretion. If not pre-booked at least 7 days prior to the

show, a surcharge of 25% is applicable to electricity supplies. Electricity supplies may

not be available to all stands - this is to the discretion of the electrical contractors.

Where an exhibitor provides their own electrical supply, generators should be fit for

purpose, powered by either diesel or LPG. They should have suitable earthing

arrangement by either spike or earthing plate. The Organisers reserve the right to

prevent use of an electrical system that is not installed in accordance with current

regulations. Exhibitor’s electrical equipment should carry a current Portable Appliance

Testing (PAT) label, which should be available for inspection at the event.

10 Health &  Safety

It is a legal requirement that every trader should provide a meaningful risk assessment

outlining their activities and methods employed. The risk assessment should be

submitted at the point of booking.

Temporary Demountable Structures: This encompasses Stages, Seating and Marquee

Structures, any Exhibitor that requires ground penetration to secure a structure must

have the area scanned and obtain a signed permit to work from the event production


Exhibitors must familiarise themselves with fire precautions and are required to provide

their own 9kg powder fire extinguisher. The Event Organisers reserve the right of

inspection by the Fire Safety Officer of all stands and equipment and further to order

the use of such equipment or appliances to be discontinued should they contravene fire

and safety regulations. All exhibitors are required, by law, to provide a fire risk

assessment for their stand.

At all times from entering upon the showground you will ensure that your exhibition,

equipment, vehicles and all or any other property is in a condition that is safe for all

persons and who may reasonably and foreseeably come into contact with or be affected

by it that you, your servants and agents conform to all statutory and local conditions,

directions and advice of any whatsoever, wheresoever and to whomsoever. All goods or

services sold at the show should conform to current trading standards legislation.

Please note bicycles, scooters and other ATVs are not permitted on the showground

during show build up, breakdown and show days.

11 Insurance

Without prejudice to his obligation to indemnify the Organisers under clause 14 the

exhibitor shall at all time whilst these rules apply maintain adequate insurance cover

with a reputable insurance company or Lloyds underwriter in respect of the following

risks: The risks incurred by the indemnities in sub clause 19 Public liability to a limit of

not less than £10 million for any one occurrence (with no limit on the aggregate cover).

Employers liability sufficient to be in compliance with the Employers Liability

(Compulsory Insurance Act) 1969. The Exhibitor shall also ensure that he has full

indemnity insurance against the usual risks in respect of all loss or damage to goods Loss

of expenses and commitments caused by cancellation, abandonment, postponement,

curtailment or delayed transportation – £20,000. The Exhibitor shall on request produce

for inspection by the Organisers the policy and premium in respect of receipt of the

above policies mentioned.

12 Cancellation or Change of Location or Date of Show

Change of location, curtailment or change of date or show. In the event that the site

where the show is to be held, shall, in the sole determination of the Organiser, become

unfit or unavailable for occupancy or shall be substantially interfered with by reason of

fire, flood, tempest or any other such cause or as a result of government intervention,

malicious damage, acts of war, acts of God, strike, lockout, labour dispute, picketing,

embargo, injunction, or should the Organiser decide that owing to any such cause or

agency it is necessary or advisable to curtail, relocate or change the date of the show or

reduce the planned period for preparation display or dismantling, the Exhibitor waives

any and all claims he might have against the Organiser for refunds, damages or

expenses. Under any of these circumstances the Organiser reserves the right without

being under any liability to the Exhibitor for refunds, additional expenses or otherwise,

to change the location and/or date of the show upon reasonable notice to the Exhibitor.

The Exhibitor hereby acknowledges that in the event any of the circumstances referred

to in the above paragraph occur he shall have no right to any refunds, damages or


13 Limitation of Liability

The Organiser, its employees or agents shall not be liable for any loss, theft, damage or

injury to persons or property suffered by the Exhibitor, its employees or agents.

14 Indemnity

The Exhibitor hereby fully and effectually indemnifies the Organiser against all costs,

claims, demands, proceedings and losses whatsoever made against or incurred by the

Organiser, its employees, agents or contractors as a result of any cause whatsoever

arising in connection with the participation in the show of the Exhibitor, his agents,

contractors or employees.

15 Entire Agreement

These Terms & Conditions contain the entire agreement between the Organiser and the

Exhibitor and may not be changed orally, but only in writing signed by a duly authorised

representative of the part against whom enforcement of any waiver, change,

modification or discharge is sought.

16 CDM Regulations

In accordance with CDM regulations may we just remind you that you will need to be

wearing a high visibility vest during build up and breakdown at all Majestic Event

Catering events.

17 Charity Stand Bookings

Please note we do not accept charity stand booking from third party agents. All

bookings must be made directly via the charity with all supported paperwork.

18 Carbon Footprint

Majestic Event Catering recognises that as market and special event organisers we have

both a direct and indirect impact on the local, regional and global environment. We are

committed to minimising our negative impacts and acting in a sustainable way, meeting

the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfil

their own needs. We hope that by minimising our carbon footprint we encourage our

customers to do so as well.

19 UK Weather Conditions

Outdoor events may be subject to unpredictable inclement UK weather conditions. If

the event is cancelled as a result or for any reason outside of our control there will be

no refund or compensation paid due to loss of earnings or otherwise. The event will only

be cancelled if it is classed as unsafe to traders or the public.

20 Mutual Respect

Everyone at Majestic Event Catering is working hard to make the event run as smoothly

as possible. Please be patient with our staff, other traders and the public. We hope you

have an enjoyable experience and we look forward to welcoming you to our other

markets and special events. Aggressive and abusive behaviour towards our staff and

fellow traders will not be tolerated in any forms and is not something Majestic Event

Catering takes lightly. Verbally and/or physically abusive behaviour will results in traders

being banned from any further regular markets or special events with Majestic Event

Catering. We work on a strict policy of mutual respect, and any complaints or problem

situations must be dealt with professionally at all times.

21 Products Declared

The products you have declared under comprehensive range of goods you wish to sell

on your original application must be what you sell at the event. Any trader/caterer

found selling products they did not originally declare will be asked to remove these from

sale/your menu. All applications are vetted based on products declared on your original


22 Alcohol or Drugs

Any trader found serving under the influence of either will be asked to cease trading.

23 Subletting

Subletting your stall during the Black Country Food and Drink Festival is STRICTLY