Alberto Urra

Alberto Urra
Vegan Spanish Cook

Alberto Urra, has had a passion for food from an early age. He grew up with the typical Mediterranean diet, watching his mother cook traditional Spanish dishes for the family. 

Nadia Rabosio, Carmen Cruz and Miquel Muñoz, all famous Spanish chefs who were personal friends of his throughout his adult life was a huge influence in what has achieved today. 

He became firstly Vegetarian then transitioned to Veganism only a few years ago. He believes in to create better plant-based diets that the traditional animal-based recipes. 

From the beginning with Your Vegan Cook, the traditional Spanish Paella has been the winner. He cooks everything on-site from all fresh ingredients, using real Spanish saffron, olive oil and rice.

Urra will come upon the stage to show to everyone in the audience how to cook his Spanish Vegan Paella. For those how to prefer to eat, Your Vegan Cook will be cooking all day every day of the event.